Beauty Treatments

At Shambala we are dedicated to ensure our clients receive the very best of care in their treatments and the products we provide to them. We are very pleased to have been accepted & authorised by Lakshmi to use their products in our spa.

Lakshmi have developed a line of phenomenal cosmetics by combining the wisdom of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Aromatherapy with their most advanced cosmetic knowledge. Organic natural products combined with essential oils to bring beauty and excellence to enhance skin of all types based on the Doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).

Lakshmi has for over twenty years has been producing more than 300 Certified Eco-Organic products, not tested on animals. Demonstrating coherence and commitment to its ethical values.


Anti Age Rejuvenation 60min – £95

Powerful organic plant extract combined with massage techniques to restore the skin for a glowing complexion, enriched by an energising crystal pressure point massage

Anti Stress Royal Facial 90min – £130

Unique facial treatment combined with a Foot Massage, Chakras Stones, Oil and Crystal massage. A great balance for body and skin.

Elements Facial 60min – £85

For this relaxing facial, we use organic products and Ayurvedic inspired massage techniques tailored to your skins needs.  These products and techniques are based on the individual body types in Ayurveda: Vat (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kaphra (Water)

Detox Deep Cleansing 50min – £70

Cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction and double mask, one purifying and one mud detox mask plus tailored organic products to enhance your skin requirements

Body Treatment

Detox Shaping Body Treatment 60 min – £90

A bespoke treatment tailored to your needs. Our therapist will use massage muds and specific products with personalised massage techniques to deeply detox the body.

Body Salt Scrub 45min – £45

A bespoke salt scrub treatment with cleansing properties, the ideal treatment for skin detoxification. Salt granules work a little harder than the gentler sugar scrubs, therefore, salt scrubs are good for areas where skin can get especially dry and calloused.


Warm Waxing

Full legs £35
Half legs £20
Bikini from £20 (depending on Bikini type)
Under arms £18
Eyebrow/Lips/Chin £8


Manicure (O.P.I)

File & Polish (20mins) £20
Flash manicure  (30mins) £30
Signature manicure (45mins) £35
Delux manicure (60mins) £55

Manicure Gel

Signature Gel Manicure (45mins) £40
Delux Gel Manicure (60mins) £55

Pedicure (O.P.I)

File & Polish (20mins) £25
Flash manicure  (30mins) £35
Signature manicure (45mins) £55
Delux manicure (60mins) £60

Pedicure Gel

Signature Gel Manicure (45mins) £45
Delux Gel Manicure (60mins) £65